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If you've ever heard a car engine running without an exhaust, you know what a huge difference the exhaust can make to the noise level.

Inside the exhaust, you'll find a deceptively simple set of tubes with some holes in them.
These tubes and chambers are actually as finely tuned as a musical instrument.

They are designed to reflect the sound wave produced by the engine in such a way that they partially cancel themselves out.

Your car's exhaust is crucial to its performance. While the exhaust system is mainly designed to reduce noise, it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions. Leaks in your exhaust system can also be very dangerous to the passengers of your car.

A well maintained exhaust system not only makes your car sound better, but it makes it safer for the occupants, and more responsible to the air quality of your community. We are experts at replacing standard original equipment manufacturers systems.

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  Exhausts | Batteries
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